Welcome to Woodfield Infant School! We are all immensely proud of our lovely school and hope that you will feel the same. 

Woodfield Infant School is a happy, caring school where everyone works hard and tries their best. Everyone is valued here and we endeavour to ensure that everyone fulfils their potential; adults and children alike. 

Woodfield offers a safe, nurturing environment for our children, allowing them to learn, achieve and be challenged in their learning. We like to develop enquiring minds and foster skills of independence, enabling children to become enthusiastic, lifelong learners. At our last inspection, we were delighted to be graded as 'Outstanding' in all areas and we are very proud of the high standards that our children achieve in all aspect of school life.

Our curriculum is exciting and lively; visits to local sites and visitors coming into school enable us to add to the children's learning experiences, ensuring that they have a wide, varied education which stands them in good stead for the next stage of their education.  

If you would like your child to join us or would like to come and have a look around our lovely, school, please contact us at school, either by phone on 01743343812 or via email at admin@woodfield.shropshire.sch.uk . We would be delighted to show you around so that you can get a feel for our lovely, welcoming school.

A warm welcome awaits you!

Cathy Rutherford



Headteacher's direct email address: head@woodfield.shropshire.sch.uk


Mission Statement


At Woodfield Infant School, we believe that children represent the potential of our society and the future of our global community. The aim of our school is to fully develop every child intellectually, morally, spiritually and physically. We believe that every day is a day in which a child can fulfil their potential. 


In partnership with parents, staff, governors and the wider community, our vision at Woodfield Infant School is as follows: 

  • To be recognised as an outstanding school that provides a stimulating, creative and dynamic learning environment that strives for excellence and values achievement, 
  • To develop the skills of the learner withing a happy atmosphere,
  • To prepare chilren to play an active role in their community,
  • To be a safe learning environment in which children feel secure, and where self-esteem, confidence and respect, both for self and for other, can be promoted,
  • To motivate and engage children as life long learners through inspirational teaching and creativity in the classroom, ensuring all children are challenged to achieve their potential,
  • To be a learning commnunity in which individual needs and talents are valued ans success is celebrated,
  • To support our children in developing healthy lifestyles,
  • To make our school a place where children want to be.

We believe that children should leave Woodfield with their understanding deepened, their minds enriched and their hearts inspired, so that they love learning and embrace the challenges of the future.