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Acorns Club

Acorns at Woodfield Infant School





Phone: 07376 218 026


About Us.

Acorns is a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides Breakfast and After School Clubs to the local community.  We are Ofsted Registered to provide childcare for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children attending Woodfield Infant School.  Our aim is to provide stimulating, enriching childcare where the children can enjoy play in a safe environment.  The children have the option to partake in activities provided by our friendly staff, or we have a wide range of equipment that the children can enjoy assisted by our enthusiastic team.


Where to Find Us

We are located in the School Hall with access to the playground and school facilities.  All our staff hold appropriate childcare qualifications, are security vetted and hold paediatric first aid qualifications.


Breakfast Club Drop Off

Please note that the school car park is closed in the mornings and, therefore, to make it easier for parents we have positioned our staff at Copthorne Road Gate between 7.45 – 7.55am.  At 7.55am the Copthorne Road gate will be locked, so you will need to come to the school reception area by walking along Kellsals Lane.  


After School Club Collection 

All parents are to come to the school reception where a bell is located to call Acorns.  To access the school you will need to come into the school via the main gate.  All other gates will be locked. 



Regular Place

£ 6.00  Breakfast Club from 7:45am

£10.00 After School Club until 5:00pm

£15.00 After School Club until 6:00pm


Occasional Place

£ 7.00  Breakfast Club from 7:45am

£12.50 After School Club until 5:00pm

£16.50 After School Club until 6:00pm



All Sessions need to be paid for in advance.  Payment can be made by BACS, Childcare vouchers or the Government Tax-Free Childcare Scheme.



Please contact us on the email or phone number above.  Please note that for occasional bookings the request for a place for After School Club needs to be made by midday the same day, whilst for Breakfast Club the request needs to be made by 6pm the day before.


Terms and Conditions:



We will provide you with an information record for you to complete before your child starts.  This gives us the names of additional contacts, medical information about allergies, dietary or special requirements.  We can give prescribed medicines if parents complete a Medicine Consent Form.


The Manager is appointed to take charge of First Aid, which we will administer when necessary.  Most staff are First Aid trained.  We, of course, take every care to prevent accidents, but if even minor accidents happen parents will be informed and will be required to sign their child’s accident form.  If illnesses or accidents ever require hospital treatment, all attempts will be made to contact parents but, failing this, Acorns may need to act on behalf of parents and authorise necessary medical treatment.


Parents are asked to inform Acorns of any change in information already given about their child and are requested not to send their child to Club if they are suffering from any infectious diseases or if they are feeling too poorly to attend.  We are sympathetic to the difficulties for working parents, but for the health of all children reserve the right to ask you to collect your child in case of infectious illness during Club hours.  For the good of all the children, parents must inform Acorns if their child contracts any infectious diseases such as Chicken Pox, Impetigo, Measles, Mumps, Scarlet Fever, Rubella, Whooping Cough, Conjunctivitis, Hand Foot and Mouth, or Sickness and Diarrhoea.



We do not refund any days that are booked and not used.  Specifically regarding Covid-19, if we have to close because the school is forced to close then there will be no refund.  If we are forced to close but the school has remained open, we will refund.


Late Fees

If parents are late to collect from After-School Club there will be a charge of £5 per 5 minutes.  All late payment fees are due immediately upon invoicing.  If these remain unpaid after three days then we reserve the right to refuse to provide childcare for your child until the fees are paid.



We promote positive behaviour and encourage good manners, self-control and consideration, including respect for others and property.  We distract children from poor behaviour by redirecting their attention to something more positive and we also model the positive behaviours that we encourage. These strategies normally work very well.  However, as a last resort, if a child’s persistent behaviour affects the safety or well-being of other children, we do reserve the right to refuse to provide childcare.