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Welcome to Woodfield Infant School

Be kind Be hardworking Be part of our team Be Woodfield!

Be Woodfield!

Our Aim

Our vision is to be an excellent, happy school where we all work together to help everyone be the best they can be. Our ethos is one of inclusion, aspiration and positivity, valuing everyone's talents and abilities and using them to the best to help each other progress.


Our school motto sums up what we want for all members of our school during their time with us:

Be kind     Be hardworking     Be part of our team     Be Woodfield! 


To us, education is about more than just learning in the classroom; it's about learning to work together, learning to help each other and learning to understand and celebrate what makes each one of us unique and special. By joining our Woodfield team, we hope that children and adults alike will develop enquiring minds, enabling them to become enthusiastic, lifelong learners who share their love of learning with others. 


At Woodfield, we aim to help our children to find their special talents and nurture them. We want them to be enthusiastic, resilient learners who can meet any challenge with a smile and a 'can do' attitude. Our curriculum has been planned to bring all of this together; it is exciting and lively, ensuring that the children's interests are catered for, and offers children learning experiences which are interesting, meaningful and relevant to them.


Curriculum Design

In 2017, we began redesigning our curriculum. We realised at the time that this would be a huge task, but as we are passionate about offering children a curriculum that is tailored to their needs we knew that this would be an investment worth making. We were very focussed on ensuring that our curriculum covered the rich breadth that is so important for a rounded education. Values also needed to be at the heart of everything we do to ensure that our children develop their character throughout their time with us. 


When we asked what we wanted our curriculum to be, we identified aspects such as:

challenging stimulating creative
fun broad/holistic practical
accessible to all evolving/flexible indoor/outdoor
empowering developing curiosity aspirational 
cross-curricular collaborative relevant


We worked hard to identify the subjects that children (and staff!) found exciting and used these as a basis from which to start. 


We are now at a stage where we have developed our curriculum for EYFS and KS1. It is lovely to see that the hard work is now paying off; we can see the children being excited and interested in their learning, showing the values that we hold dear and developing the independence in learning across a wide range of subjects. 


We still keep our curriculum under review so that we are able to take account of special events which don't happen regularly but we feel are important for children to learn about, for example, the Olympic Games, anniversaries of events such as VE Day, local events, etc.


To find out more about how we put this into practice in EYFS and KS1, and for more information about the subjects we teach and other learning opportunities we offer, please browse through the other tabs in the 'Learning at Woodfield' menu on our website.