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Welcome to Woodfield Infant School

Be kind Be hardworking Be part of our team Be Woodfield!

Ethos, Values & 7Rs

Our Vision and Ethos

Our vision is to be an excellent, happy school where we all work together to help everyone be the best they can be. Our ethos is one of inclusion, aspiration and positivity; valuing everyone's talents and abilities and using them to the best to help each other progress.


To help the children understand what this means, we use this motto:


Be kind      Be hardworking      Be part of our team      Be Woodfield! 


We want anyone, whether they are children, staff, parents, volunteers, governors or anyone else to feel that they are part of our Woodfield team. We expect that members of our team will act in the way shown in our motto, being kind, working hard and helping each other. 


Our Values

Our school values underpin everything we do in school; we teach the children what they mean, how to show them and how to recognise when someone else is showing them. Our values are:

Kindness - We show care and consideration in everything we do.

Respect - We are polite, treat other people nicely and think about their feelings.

Thankfulness - We appreciate everything that is good in our lives and are grateful for it.

Collaboration - We work well together to achieve something.

Honesty - We tell the truth so that other people can trust us.

Forgiveness - We understand that we all make mistakes, we accept people’s apologies and help them to make a new start.

Charity - We help others when they are in need, either by giving our time, running or supporting an event or making a donation.

The 7Rs of Learning

Alongside our values, we also have our 7Rs of Learning. These are skills that we feel are essential for children and adults to become effective, confident learners. The 7Rs of Learning are:

Ready- Being mentally, emotionally and physically ready to learn. Taking part and understanding the importance of seeking help if we are not yet ready to learn.

Resourceful - Being able to work in different ways using resources effectively and calling on different ways of learning as appropriate.

Responsible - Being independent and self-regulated; understanding the importance of learning and doing everything possible to ensure that we, and others, are all able to learn well at all times.

Risk taking - Being confident to try new activities or ways of working, even when it feels scary, so that we can learn new things.

Reasoning - Being able to think through a problem or task, draw upon prior experiences to think of possible ways forward and be ready to try alternatives out if needed.

Resilient - Being able to engage with our learning – try every activity, work hard and know how to work through difficulties when the going gets tough.

Reflective - Being able to become more self-aware and analytical about our learning.


By using the values and the 7Rs through everything we do, we aim to ensure that all adults and children are enabled to become great team members and are able to achieve our motto:


Be kind      Be hardworking      Be part of the team      Be Woodfield!


For more information about the values and the 7Rs please look at the documents below. These can be found around the school and tell you a little more about what these look like every day around school.