Friends of Woodfield PTAIntroduction to Woodfield Infant School PTA

Welcome to Woodfield Infant School and to the PTA

If you are a parent, carer or teacher at the school you are automatically a member of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and we look forward to meeting you.

What is Woodfield Infant School PTA?

Woodfield Infant School PTA is a charity run by parents, 

carers, teachers and volunteers to raise valuable funds for

the school (our official name is Friends of Woodfield Infant School PTA)

Our goal 

Our aim is to support the school, and most importantly the pupils, by running fundraising events and activities through the school year to enable us to invest in innovative resources and exciting experiences for the children to learn and enjoy.

There is also a social element to the PTA encouraging parents, carers, staff and pupils to come together in a different way as part of our local community.

Last school year the PTA raised an impressive £7,242This money was used to fund:

  • 270 children going to the Christmas Pantomime at Theatre Severn
  • Dictionaries for the Year 2 Leavers
  • The new playground markings and signboards
  • A fund of £1K per year group was allocated for teachers to invest however they choose to support the learning and education of the children.  This money was spent on classroom resources, including items for outdoor learning and materials for play based learning.  
  • Historically, money has also been spent on phonic reading books for our younger readers, outdoor play equipment and library furniture, all of which are hugely appreciated by the wider school community

This year, with your help, we would like to do even better!

How can you help?

We are always looking for more volunteers, so if you are able to help in any way, however small, then we would love to hear from you. 

For the big events like the Christmas fair we will be actively asking volunteers to sign up to focus on specific tasks - we are always so grateful to anyone who can lend an hour or two of their time to help man a stall or coordinate raffle prizes. 

If you are short on time (as all parents are) simply baking a cake, turning up to events, and encouraging your child or children to participate in activities e.g. colouring competitions throughout the school year is just as appreciated.

Just check out our Facebook page (Woodfield Infant School PTA), read your ParentMail and watch out from announcements from your Class Representatives to see where you may be able to get involved or to offer an extra hand.

If you have ideas to share or are keen to be involved then please email, or send us a message on Facebook.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Registered Charity Number: 1140982