Pupil Premium Information

Dear Parents and Carers of our school, you may have heard about a government initiative called the Pupil Premium which is aimed at supporting disadvantaged youngsters to overcome obstacles to learning. Here at Woodfield Infant School we have been working from 2012 to the present to build a coherent structure of support and intervention to help pupils and their parents benefit from this investment of money. As money becomes available we will continue to develop new ways of supporting pupils through the careful expenditure of the money.

Below is laid out the investments we have made so far.

If you believe that your child could benefit from this investment but you have not claimed for Free School Meals then it is not too late. We can give advice and help if needed. It benefits children and it benefits the school. We have an excellent culture of privacy and respect in school in addition, our approach to data protection means that all information relating to any pupils is handled professionally by staff employed to support the pupils and is never shared inappropriately.

It is a requirement that all parents and stakeholders are aware of how the Pupil Premium is allocated and spent within Woodfield School. There will be regular updates on the website to tell others what we are doing with the pupil premium money. Advice also suggests that parents and staff are familiar and comfortable in discussing pupil premium with OFSTED inspectors during any visit.

What is the Pupil Premium? Who is it aimed at?

Pupil Premium Grant is allocated to help children who may have obstacles to learning due to family financial difficulties. Therefore, a key criterion for calculating the amount given to schools is the number of children on Free School Meals.

How do we ensure it goes to the right pupils?

The DfE, the Local Authority and the school all have data to enable us to compile a list of pupils eligible for pupil premium. Our staff have compiled tables that shows this group subdivided into individual year groups. Using these tables we are able to track progress and record interventions with individual children. 

How are we spending the money?

We are spending the money in a variety of ways to support our pupils:

1. We have employed a learning mentor she keeps records and from these has developed new ways of supporting pupils to become more confident and focused in their studies.

2. Our Higher Level Teaching Assistants also support groups of pupils across the school. Additionally, they are used to release the class teacher thereby providing the opportunity for staff to monitor, assess and track individual pupils’ progress.

3. In Woodfield School we offer a range of after school clubs and music lessons. Our pupil premium coordinator carefully tracks attendance of our pupils who are entitled to pupil premium ensuring they take full advantage of our extended school provision.

4. The school ‘buys in’ to a range of specialist support services including Special Educational Needs (SEN) agencies. Our pupil premium is used to target those children identified on our list as requiring support to ensure progress is in line with children both within our school and nationally.


Impact Statement

Pupils in receipt of pupil premium at Woodfield Infant School are carefully monitored to ensure they make progress in comparison to their peers both within their classroom, across the year group and nationally.

School attainment data shows our pupils are making progress. However, in certain cases, additional intervention is provided if school feels progress is below national average.

Pupil premium children also benefit from extra curricular activities provided by school and outside agencies. These opportunities ensure pupils benefit from the wider aspect of school life.