Transition between schools

Reception-Starting School at Woodfield

Before your child begins school with us, there will be a series of induction sessions. These sessions usually take place in June and offer you and your child the chance to get to know our school.

Once we know that your child has been allocated a place we will contact you with the arrangements for these sessions.

Children come to us from many settings but we do aim to gather as much information as possible from their previous setting.


Transferring to Woodfield from another school

Provided that we have a place available, children can transfer to Woodfield at any point during the school year.

For further advice on this please contact the school office.


Moving from one year group to another

We aim to make the move between year groups as smooth as possible for you and your child. With this in mind, we have in place a range of transition activities during the Summer Term.


Moving from Year Two to Year Three

From the Spring Term of Year Two onwards, we have discussions with St. George's Junior School about transition. Each year we design a series of activities that enable the children to feel confident and secure about the change of school.

Where children move to another junior school setting we are happy to have a discussion about the transition process.