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Welcome to Woodfield Infant School

Happily learning together. Be Kind. Be Responsible. Be Hardworking. This is the Woodfield Way.

Ethos, Values & Metacognition

Our Vision and Ethos

In partnership with St. George's Junior School, Woodfield Infant School works to educate, nurture and empower. We want to achieve outstanding outcomes for the children in our community by providing an innovative, challenging and linear learning experience that equips them to live content and successful lives. 


Our vision is to be an excellent, happy school where we all work together to help everyone be the best they can be. Our ethos is one of inclusion, aspiration and positivity; valuing everyone's talents and abilities and using them to the best to help each other progress.


To help the children understand what this means, we use this motto:


Happily learning together.

Be kind, be responsible, be hardworking.

This is the Woodfield Way!


We want anyone, whether they are children, staff, parents, volunteers, governors or anyone else to feel that they are part of our Woodfield team. We expect that members of our team will act in the way shown in our motto, being kind, being responsible and being hardworking. 


Our Values

Our school values underpin everything we do in school; we teach the children what they mean, how to show them and how to recognise when someone else is showing them. Our values are:

To be kind - We show care and consideration in everything that we do. We respect ourselves, each other and our environment and we help others who need help.

To be responsible - We are responsible in all that we do; in learning and in play. We are honest about our actions and show forgiveness towards others.

To be hardworking - We work hard and use our learning powers throughout the day.

Metacognition and Self-Regulation

At Woodfield Infant School, metacognition and self-regulation are promoted and drawn upon throughout all areas of learning and during all times of the school day. Metacognition and self-regulation are about children thinking about thinking, knowing what learning means and taking charge of their own learning. Even at this young age, with consistent modelling from all adults, the children are able to think about themselves as learners. The Education Endowment Fund have found that getting children to focus upon themselves as learners improves their achievement.


In order to be metacognitive and to be able to self-regulate, children need to know, and be able to use, a set of learning dispositions.  The learning dispositions are represented as 5 Learning Powers, through the use of The Learning Jungle.



Each learning power is represented by an animal from the learning jungle and each learning power has certain behaviours and attributes associated with it. 


The learning powers are: to concentrate, to be resilient, to be curious, to co-operate and to self improve. 






The learning powers, the learning jungle and each of the animals are introduced to the children through a series of introductory lessons. The adults within each class make the vocabulary explicit to the children and model each power and its associated behaviours. In EYFS, each class has a set of soft toys as props and all staff have access to a set of animal costumes to really bring each character to life. The learning powers are then reinforced through assemblies and everyday activities, with the language of metacognition being used by adults and children alike. When children are seen modelling the learning powers they are rewarded with verbal praise and may also receive a stamp for their work like those seen below.



The Learning Jungle Poem explains the different Learning Powers and their associated behaviours and attributes.


The Learning Jungle


Tiptoe through the jungle

Pass the swaying vines

Hidden in a clearing

Are the most amazing crowd


Emily is an elephant

Who likes to pause and think

Her favourite task is concentrating

She tries to see if things will link


Martin and Marvin  -  the monkeys

Chatter all day

Talking about learning

Sharing feedback each way


Albert is an armadillo

With a very tough shell

When things go wrong, they bounce off him

And he always tries again


Kelly the koala clings to the tree

Always asking questions

And wondering about the world she can see

She is extremely curious and keen to learn new things


Sadie the squirrel

Loves to co-operate

Helping here, helping there

She loves to look at learning in a pair


The metacognitive and self-regulation skills that the children develop and use during their time at Woodfield Infant School are built upon as they continue their linear learning journey at St. George’s Junior School, throughout the primary phase.


By using the values and learning powers through everything we do, we aim to ensure that all adults and children are enabled to become great team members and are able to achieve our motto:


Happily learning together.

Be kind, be responsible, be hardworking.

This is the Woodfield Way!