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At Woodfield, we believe that computing is an exciting, exploratory and valuable subject. Computing encourages children to make positive use of technology, using it to help support their learning, demonstrate their learning and develop new skills. Computing draws on other areas of the curriculum and gives children excellent opportunities to apply their learning, such as producing a word document demonstrating their knowledge of toys through history.


The computing curriculum at Woodfield has been planned to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to develop the skills needed to support their learning as they grow and develop through the key stages. The teaching of computing encourages children to explore and tinker with technology, use technology for a purpose and modify software to achieve a goal. As a result of all of this, children are prepared for future stages of learning where they will again meet, and build upon, each of these areas.


Throughout all of the computing curriculum, children are expected to use the 7Rs of learning. For example, they need to be responsible in their use of technology, ensuring they are maintaining their safety and respecting others. Children need to be ready for a challenge and show resilience in using software to solve a problem. Being able to reflect on prior learning and use reasoning skills is especially important in computing. This is especially true in coding; children need to use what they know about codes and modify these to solve a problem. The 7Rs are immensely powerful learning tools for all children, in all areas of the curriculum, and their use encourages the children to be creative and independent learners.


We endeavour to ensure that the computing curriculum we provide inspires children to be excited about computing, curious about technology and enthusiastic problem solvers who use their ideas and resources in a creative and modern way.



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