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Key Stage 1 Curriculum

The Woodfield Curriculum

At Woodfield, we take the National Curriculum as our basis for planning our curriculum. We believe that this is an aspirational curriculum for our children which gives the children the broad, exciting learning opportunities we want for them. In planning out how we deliver this curriculum however, we decided that some elements of learning would be important or exciting for our children to learn about earlier on than occurs in the National Curriculum. As a result, topics such as electricity, which are generally taught in KS2, are taught here at Woodfield. This adds extra breadth to our curriculum and ensures that children are well prepared for the next stage of their education. 


In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), we have constructed a two year rolling programme for our foundation curriculum. This means that children in Years 1 and 2 are often learning about the same subject or topics but at different levels. Using this two year rolling programme is advantageous for us in a number of ways. Staff are able to plan together for different areas of learning and are able to focus on what different elements of learning look like in Year 1 and Year 2, with a clear focus on progression through KS1. We are also able to make efficient use of resources; for example, a resource selection of toys from the past from a museum in South Shropshire can be used by all 180 children in KS1 in their history learning. We can also host visitors more efficiently (and cost-effectively) across both year groups, bringing an additional spark to the children's learning; for example, when learning about animals, children in Years 1 & 2 can all take part in a visit from Exotic Zoo where a selection of animals that can be handled and studied up close. Finally, parents who have children in both years are able to go on family visits related to children's learning, knowing that both children are learning about the same topics. 


The overview of our foundation topics covered over KS1 is as follows (this map also details in brief some of the main subject areas covered within the topics, but these are brief examples and not exhaustive): 

These topics have been developed to link together many other areas of the curriculum so that children can see how learning and every day life bring together different subjects. 


Parent Curriculum Information

Each half term, we send out a parents' planner. These A3 sheets take the above topics and develop them, showing what children are learning in all areas of the curriculum. They also give parents ideas for family visits that link to what children are learning in school. An example of the planners can be seen here:

Parents have told us that these planners are helpful to bring about discussions with their children about what they are learning at school. They also enable parents to carry out any out of school learning with their children. We don't set photocopiable sheets as homework for children as we believe that these are of extremely limited benefit in moving children's learning on. Instead, we prefer that parents discuss what their children are learning in school (using the planners as above) and look at the everyday application of this learning in the world around them. For example, when children are learning about structures in school, parents showing children structures around them, e.g. bridges, pylons, architecture, sculptures, scaffolding, etc. can really help children to understand the everyday application of what they have learned in school. 


Further examples of these planners can be found by clicking on the 'Parents' Planners' link below. 


For more information about the subjects we teach at Key Stage 1, please click on the subject link below.