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Design Technology

At Woodfield, we believe that design technology (DT) is an exciting, practical subject which enables children to use their creativity and reasoning to solve problems in a range of contexts. DT encourages children to see everything around them that is man-made as a designed object and to consider how designers have created objects with the user and purpose in mind. DT draws on other areas of the curriculum and gives children excellent opportunities to apply their learning, e.g. careful measuring of axels when making a vehicle, or choosing suitable waterproof materials to make a rain shelter.


The DT curriculum at Woodfield has been planned to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to work practically with a range of tools, materials and techniques. It has been planned to include opportunities to solve problems in all areas of the subject: food, textiles and mechanisms (structures, levels & sliders, wheels & axles) at each Key Stage. Teaching of DT encourages children to consider the user and purpose of their items each and every time they design a product. Whether they are designing for themselves, another real user, e.g. a parent/sibling, or a fictional user, e.g. Baby Bear, they consider what the needs of the user are and how their products need to match the user’s needs. Children experience both pre-planned design and iterative design processes in both Key Stages. As a result of all of this, children are prepared for future stages of learning where they will again meet, and build upon, each of these areas. Though our Key Stage 1 scheme of work is a two year rolling programme, we have decided to include work about the preparation and creation of food dishes each year as we believe that this is an essential part of everyday life and want children to develop a good understanding of healthy eating from a very young age.


Throughout all of the DT curriculum, children are expected to use the 7Rs of learning. For example, they need to take risks to try different way to join materials to find a way that makes a stable structure. Every problem they solve in DT requires them to be resourceful and use their reasoning skills and, when they come up against challenges, they will need to be resilient until they solve the problem. The 7Rs are very powerful learning tools for all children in DT and their use encourages the children to be free thinking, creative, independent learners.


We endeavour to ensure that the DT curriculum we provide inspires children to be excited about design technology, curious about the designed world and enthusiastic problem solvers who use their ideas and resources in a creative, innovative ways.

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