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Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education should provide the opportunity for every child to become physically confident, to experience challenge and success and to adopt a positive attitude towards a long term active and healthy lifestyle. As such, the PE curriculum at Woodfield has been planned to be broad, balanced, and progressive, enabling children to develop their fundamental movement skills and to improve their agility, balance and coordination in a stimulating and fun environment.


The Woodfield PE curriculum aims to reach every pupil and it’s inclusivity allows all pupils to access a range of physical activities and situations; alone, in pairs and in small groups by applying skills to achieve high levels of performance. We use games, dance, gymnastics, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities as the vehicles to develop physical literacy. These experiences allow the children to learn about themselves, use self-expression, decision making and social skills. We encourage pupils to be active throughout lessons and employ creativity and imagination in their techniques, tactics and choreography. 


We believe that there should be a strong cohesion between all subjects of our Woodfield curriculum. Children utilise their prior knowledge of number and measure to score in game activities, count in movement tasks and measure in throwing, jumping and running challenges. They are encouraged to experiment with speed and angles in athletics and gymnastics, investigate levers and gears in their machine themed topic within the dance module, and use map reading skills and compass directions to explore their school and its surroundings within the outdoor and adventurous scheme. Within movement lessons children will develop their awareness of beat and pulse and to link actions with sequences and patterns in music.


The physical education curriculum lends itself well to the nurturing of admirable values. Children will need cooperation, teamwork and excellent communication to succeed in match play situations within our games scheme and for problem solving challenges within our outdoor and adventurous activity programme. They must show respect to themselves and others and understand the need for rules, equality and fairness in all areas of the curriculum.


Use of the 7Rs of learning will also be required within our physical education lessons. For example, in their half marathon run practices, the children will need to show great resilience, while in gymnastics apparatus work, be willing to take risks and to be reflective of their own and others performances in order to improve and develop their work. In game situations children need to be ready to receive a pass or to defend and must be resourceful if things don’t quite go as planned, by employing a variety of tactics and skills.


By the end of KS1 we want our children to have a strong foundation for lifelong physical activity. We aim to inspire our children to reach their full potential and to have the knowledge, confidence and motivation to build upon these in their next stage of learning.


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